The Circle Of Pals: Casey Sturgill

In the hustle and bustle of the daily brewery life it’s easy to get caught up in the hurried tasks of the day and forget why we started a brewery in the first place! When we take a moment and step back, we see the true meaning of community through the incredible human connections and contributions that make Pals happen. These individuals, whether they are vendors, employees, owners, or customers, contribute to the Circle of Pals. So, the next time you raise your Palsbrew glass, take a moment and step back, remember all the individuals including you, who contribute to our craft from grain to glass. That’s the Circle of Pals!

Casey Sturgill – General Manager, Pals Brewing Company

1. How do you contribute to the Circle of Pals? “As the general manager, I get the pleasure of checking in on all customers AND employees. My goal is to develop relationships with both.  I enjoy motivating and encouraging people, and this is a great spot to do that.”

2. What events in your life led you to the brewery/North Platte? “I’ve been interested in the industry for about a decade.  I moved to Alabama in 2009, and Birmingham got its first microbrewery around that time.  I enjoy the atmosphere that good breweries provide, and I enjoy the more flavorful beers.  I wanted to learn more about the technical aspects of breweries, so I got online and searched for potential brewery jobs across the country.  I found Pals online!”

3. What is your favorite part of working at the brewery? “Getting to meet new people every day is what I like most.”