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The Circle Of Pals: Andrea Clark

Andrea Clark, Assistant Manager, Pals Brewing Company

1. How do you contribute to the Circle of Pals? Being the Assistant Taproom Manager, I have the responsibility to keep our guests happy as well as our amazing staff and making sure Pals has the absolute best service around. I’m very knowledgeable about the service industry and it’s what I love to be a part of.

2. What events in your life led you to the brewery/North Platte? I grew up moving around. I’m from Idaho originally. My father is a retired railroader and was transferred to North Platte in 1992. I worked as a volunteer bartender for Nebraskaland Days and met a couple people who worked at Pals, they asked me to come and apply. Probably one of the best interviews.

3. What is your favorite part of working at the brewery? I love my staff! The atmosphere and energy is incredible. Our guests are amazing…and of course the beer! I get to work with great people and do may fun events.

4. How do you see Pals contributing to the community? I hear people say all the time that this town needed a place like this. It’s absolutely true. Pals loves the community too. We donate to several different organizations, bring in live music, and have festivals.

5. What is your favorite Palsbrew & food item? My favorite beer is the English Brown Porter. I love the roasty chocolate notes. It gives me warm fuzzies. I usually have a top 5, they change all the time. Farmette Pizza is my fav, but all the food is amazing.

6. What is the Brewery/Taproom atmosphere really like? It can be a bit of a roller coaster ride depending on what’s going on. Mostly easy going and super fun. We love to have a good time. I love meeting new people. We get a lot of travelers and they keep stopping here because they love Pals.

In the hustle and bustle of the daily brewery life it’s easy to get caught up in the hurried tasks of the day and forget why we started a brewery in the first place! When we take a moment and step back, we see the true meaning of community through the incredible human connections and contributions that make Pals happen. These individuals, whether they are vendors, employees, owners, or customers, contribute to the Circle of Pals. So, the next time you raise your Palsbrew glass, take a moment and step back, remember all the individuals including you, who contribute to our craft from grain to glass. That’s the Circle of Pals!

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