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Kris Lager Interview - 10-Jan-22

Kris Lager has been playing instruments since he was 13 when his dad taught him to play the guitar. Since that time he has written thousands of songs, recorded at least 9 albums of original music, learned to play half a dozen more instruments, and has toured non-stop to the delight of fans all across the country. Refusing to be cast as a one-trick pony, his songs span the gauntlet of musical styles from blues, funk and soul to country, classical, and everything in between. The feel-good grooves that seem to emanate from his very being are infectious and if you listen too long they will infect your soul just as they have mine. The only thing greater than the music he has written is the peace and love in his heart.

Ahead of his 8th upcoming show at Pals, I sat down with the 39 year old Omaha artist over Zoom to share some of my latest Palsbrews and have a candid conversation about everything from his musical journey to family stories while we explored the vast uniqueness of his musical catalogue. If you enjoy great music, I hope you consider giving it a listen and exploring the amazing music brought to life by Kris and his musical friends.


If you want to continue supporting great music, please consider becoming a Kris Lager patron. Not only do you get access to new songs and unreleased content every week but your direct support goes a long way to allowing Kris to continue doing his thang. Join here:

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