Our Story


Our family brews beers we would want to drink and serves them to you like we would want to be served, in an environment we would want to be served in – welcome to the family.


Pals Brewing Company materialized in 2015 at an Oettinger Family Thanksgiving dinner, Mark and Mendy were insistent that “This town needs a brewery!” Paul, an avid homebrewer since he bought his first homebrew kit in 1995, got a faraway look in his eye. Amy smiled as she remembered Paul’s previous attempts at opening several breweries that never got off the notebook. Suffice it to say that several beers and several plates of Thanksgiving Dinner later a dream was born of bringing a microbrewery to North Platte, NE.

Pals Brewing Company has really been in the works for over 20 years. Paul (aka Pal) started homebrewing back in college. After earning his Microbiology degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and having a passion for the creative side of life, he began experimenting with many beer styles and perfecting his recipes. Before he knew it, friends would ask him to brew a keg of ‘Palsbrew’ for their party. With the love of his life always encouraging him to live his dreams, the two continually plotted ways to open their own brewery. But until 2015, they just never found a way.

Enter Mark and Mendy. With Mark’s business degree and experience in distribution logistics and Mendy’s knack for creating flavorful home cooked meals, several missing pieces of the puzzle fell into place.

We designed Pals Brewing Company based on who we are and what we love to do. We love to play games. Wallah! The Game Trail was born. We love Happy Hour. Enter Pals Happy Hour complete with our favorite hors’ devours including Wisconsin squeaky fresh cheese curds. We love cocktails especially the Oettinger Old Fashioned served exactly as our family and friends have been drinking them for two generations. But most of all we love sharing our lives with friends and family especially at Happy Hour! We love to cook. Today you can enjoy Mendy’s home cooked pizzas and our cocktail hors’ devours six days a week in our Brewery Taproom and Beer Oasis.

This brewery isn’t just a business, for us it’s who we are. An extension of us as people. We welcome you to join us anytime because truly “You’re Always at Home with Pals.”